It's high time for innovative clothing and modern styles in the healthcare industry. An elastic, robust fabric enhances the work of fitness, physiotherapy and medical care teams.

Yin & Yang - Care, Fitness & Physio
Yin & Yang - long sleeve top and T-shirt with Cassis & Anais pants
Yin & Yang - sleeveless & short sleeve top and T-shirt for him and her
Lychee - Care, Fitness & Physio
Lychee - short & long sleeve shirt
Lychee - top 2/3 & short dress with Anais & Twiggy pants
« As a renowned health resort, we aim to fulfil the wishes of our guests as individually and personally as possible while our nursing team does this with great care and commitment, around the clock. Andrea Welti’s fashionable signature with natural ease for a piece of clothing convinced us to reinterpret the standardised nursing uniforms, to highlight the employees individually and as a team, and to reflect the competence and style of our health resort. The feedback from our employees and guests confirms our decision and we are also proud to see our employees in such stylish and comfortable work clothes every day! Our lingerie team is also happy with the easy-care and crease-resistant fabric, which means much less work for them.

Sonnmatt Luzern, Sadiye Yegit

Head of Housekeeping & Residence Manager

Jade - Care, Fitness & Physio - long blazer reception
Jade - tunic dress and short with pants Twiggy & Cassis
Jade - tunic top and short with pants Twiggy & Cassis
Coco & Jake - Care, Fitness & Physio
Jake - short & long sleeve T-shirt
Coco wraparound top short sleeves & Anais pants
Serena & Jordan - Care, Fitness & Physio - short sleeve shirt
Serena - long sleeve shirt & Twiggy pants
Serena & Jordan - short and long sleeve T-Shirt
Jasmin - Care, Fitness & Physio
Jasmine short leeve tunic with pants Anais & Lychee longsleeve shirt with Cassis pants
Jasmine kneelong tunic & Twiggy pants

Meet us and the Care Collection

Would you like to take a closer look at our Care Collection? Please let us know which area you are interested in so we can arrange a presentation appointment.

Portrait of  Andrea Welti

Andrea Welti

Designer & Owner




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Sustainibly good

For our Care Collection, we use a breathable, hard-wearing, easy-care, durable and certified Italian microfibre. The high-quality functional fabric is made from regenerated and recyclable polyamide and elastane. It protects against UV rays and fulfils all the requirements of hospitality, health and wellness professionals.

Frequent questions concerning the Care Collection

Is the fabric hygenic?

Our fabric is breathable, stain-resistant and odour-neutralizing. In contrast to cotton fabrics, it cannot be washed at high temperatures but can be washed hygienically with a disinfectant detergent. You can find detailed care instructions on our sustainability page.

Can the clothes be embroidered or printed with a logo?

No. But we are happy to show you some options for customization that will match your brand identity and present your employees in their best light.

What is the lifespan of our team wear?

Team wear from feel better than good stays in shape 3-4 times longer than conventional workwear, and it protects the environment and your budget.

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