About feel better than good

For 25 years, Swiss designer Andrea Welti and her label feel better than good have been celebrating her fashion vision of flattering, stylish, timeless and practical clothing that fits perfectly into women’s lives and professional demands in the hospitality, health and wellness sectors.

Our philosophy


Our team has been developing sophisticated Swiss fashion, using innovative design, technology and cutting techniques since 1997. Our high-tech textiles have their origins in sportswear and fulfil the highest requirements in terms of comfort, flexibility and functionality.


The good feeling of being prepared for anything starts with putting on the right clothes. Our individual outfits emphasize personal character and make every individual shine, no matter what their day brings. We want to make this experience possible for all our customers.


Our clothing delivers what it promises. Timeless casual chic and a generous colour palette defy trends. Manufactured and processed by selected partners in Europe, our durable textiles are of the highest quality and have the European OEKO-TEX® 100 certificate.

One life, one leitmotif, one label

In her passion for design and style, she is inspired by trends, without following them. Instead, her fashion signature is characterized by a flattering, stylish, timeless and practical feminine point of view. Flattering to honour the female silhouette in all its forms. Stylish to enhance the look and feel of her clientele. Timeless with sophisticated styles that never go out of fashion and stay in shape for a long time. Practical and perfectly suited to women's lives and professional demands, around the clock, uncomplicated and beautiful to feel good in.

A close-knit team for over 25 years: Andrea Welti designer & owner, François Schaffter cutting technique

From Ready-to-wear to Teamwear

The label focuses on variety of combinations and durability. The timeless and cross-collection designs made from the finest functional fabrics set new standards and outlast trends. These are qualities that not only count in the private wardrobe, but also come into their own with the Care Collection for hospitality, health and wellness teams.

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