feel better than good has been setting standards in the field of slow fashion for 25 years with durable fashion produced in Europe. Sustainable, high-quality textiles, resource-conserving production and a short supply chain contribute to sustainability.

Wash & wear

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Our styles are easy to machine wash at 40°.

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Environmentally friendly

Durable and proven, the fabrics and styles retain their shape beautifully even after many years.

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Hang up after washing and dry in no time. Do not tumble dry.

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Easy-care, the dried textiles can simply be folded or hung up. Do not iron.

Polyamide high-tech fabrics by conviction

The high quality and proven durability of the feel better than good collections are our contribution to the environment and have been so for almost 25 years. All of our fine microfibre fabrics in polyamide and elastane are EU and OEKO-TEX® 100 certified and therefore tested for harmful substances. These high-quality polyamide-elastane compounds keep their shape, are durable, breathable, crease-resistant and easy to care for.

History of polyamide textiles

In the 1930s, the chemical giant DuPont developed the first synthetic textile fibre called Perlon (later known as nylon). This was celebrated at the 1939 World’s Fair as «silk for everyone». The revolutionary nylon stockings rapidly gained in popularity.

Since its invention, textile manufacturers have invested heavily in the development of this synthetic fibre in order to minimize the environmental impact of the entire production process. Natural resources are used sparingly and responsibly, water and air pollution are minimized, wastewater treatment is improved and the overall ecological footprint is reduced.

 In the past, crude oil was the decisive raw material for the production of this newly named polyamide fibre using the melt spinning process. Today, recycled materials form a significant part of the synthetic fibre.

A handful of carefully selected fabric producers

High-quality, proven, innovative: we source our textiles from carefully selected producers in Switzerland and the EU. These are market leaders in the development of functional polyamide fibres and fabrics that guarantee durability and maximum comfort.

A certified, regenerated and recyclable Italian microfibre was introduced in 2021 for the Care Collection, the team wear series from feel better than good.


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