The fabric for professionals

For our Care Collection, we use a breathable, hard-wearing, easy-care and durable and certified Italian microfibre. The high-quality functional fabric is made from regenerated and recyclable polyamide and elastane. It protects against UV rays and fulfils all the requirements of hospitality, health and wellness professionals.

The advantages

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Fabric remnants, fishing nets and pre-consumer industrial nylon waste are converted into the high-quality polyamide fibre in an environmentally friendly process.

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Our fabric is breathable, elastic and therefore extremely comfortable to wear. The styles are easy-care, quick-drying, non-iron and even protect against UV rays.

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Our collection is designed for everyday use. The hard-wearing material is extremely durable and retains its shape for years.

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Our fabric can be recycled, re-spun and processed again and again without compromising on quality or using new resources.

The properties

Our fabric is a high-quality regenerated and recyclable polyamide enriched with elastane. The finely woven fabric feels pleasantly soft on the skin and allows full freedom of movement. This functional fabric is breathable, elastic, hard-wearing, durable and stays in shape.

Easy care und hygenic

Our Care Collection is comfortable and easy to handle: wash at 40°, dry and wear. We recommend using a disinfectant detergent for the medical sector. Ironing unnecessary.

Made in Italy

The fabric's regeneration system begins with the recycling of fishing nets, pre-consumer fabric remnants, carpets and industrial waste. In an efficient and elaborate cleaning and regeneration process, pure nylon is extracted and spun into new fibres. The regenerated polyamide fibres have the same properties as newly produced polyamide, but have a sustainability advantage.

Wide range of applications

The ecologically friendly fibres are popular as textile yarns in all kinds of areas of fashion production and interior design. The recycled fibres are used to create new textiles, such as for our Care Collection. All products can be recycled again for new textiles without loss at the end of their service life.

Frequent questions concerning the Care Collection

Is its fabric hygenic?

Our fabric is breathable, stain-resistant and odour-neutralizing. In contrast to cotton fabrics, it cannot be washed at high temperatures, but can be washed hygienically with a disinfectant detergent. You can find detailed care instructions on our Sustainability page.

Can the clothes be embroidered or printed with a logo?

No. But we are happy to show you some options for customization that will match your brand identity and present your employees in their best light.

What is the lifespan of our team wear?

Team wear from feel better than good stays in shape 3–4 times longer than conventional workwear, and it protects the environment and your budget.

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