Image of Exclusive Team Wear for Giardino Hotels

Exclusive Team Wear for Giardino Hotels

As one of the first customers of the Care Collection, the Giardino Group has relied on the flattering and long-lasting quality of feel better than good since 2008. The elegant team wear perfectly reflects the values of a 5-star hotel.

What began 16 years ago with a stylish lounge wear set as a sales idea for upscale wellness hotels led to an inspiring and lasting collaboration with Giardino Hotels. Daniela Frutiger, the group's manager with her unique spa concept, was thrilled and went one step further by having "feel better than good" design and produce matching team wear for her spas.

Shared corporate values: elegance and well-being

Since then, the spa team at the Giardino Hotels in Ascona and St. Moritz have been enjoying exclusive team wear made from the comfortable and breathable Econyl® fabric. This fabric which is sustainably produced in Italy, is durable, robust and easy to care for and keeps its shape up to three times longer than conventional textiles.

On the one hand, this has a positive effect on operating costs and, on the other, the well and comfortably dressed team perfectly represents the company's corporate philosophy. "Just as feel better than good manages to combine stylish elegance with well-being, their exclusive clothing harmonises perfectly with the sophisticated ambience of our 5-star hotels of the Giardino Group," says a charming Daniela Frutiger.

The elegant purple-coloured spa team wear harmonises perfectly with the stylish interior of the Giardino Spas "dipiù"

The right team wear for every company

Thanks to a variety of different styles, the Care Collection is suitable for all teams from the wellness, health and hospitality sectors. A wide range of colours also makes it possible to find the right style for every establishment, whether a beauty salon, starred restaurant, spa or luxury wellness hotel. Would you also like to enhance your team with a special look? Be inspired by the easy-care, long-lasting styles in our Care Collection and visit us at our studio in Zurich Seefeld.

The Swiss trade magazine Hotelier also became aware of the fashion-conscious workwear and conducted an interview with Andrea Welti, resulting in a two-page article with the headline "When talent meets brilliant ideas".

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