Whether in the service, kitchen or housekeeping department, anyone who works in the hotel and catering industry will appreciate our 5-star team wear. The right style for every establishment. Our Care Collection offers a fashionable upgrade for your teams.

Lychee - F&B & Housekeeping
Lychee - short & long sleeve shirt
Lychee - top 2/3 & short dress with Anais & Twiggy pants
Jade - F&B & Housekeeping - long blazer reception
Jade - tunic dress and short with pants Twiggy & Cassis
Jade - tunic top and short with pants Twiggy & Cassis
Amber & June - F&B & Housekeeping
Amber short sleeve & June long sleeve top
Amber & June - short sleeve top and T-shirt with Cassis & Twiggy pants
« Just as the feel better than good fashion label manages to combine stylish elegance with well-being, its exclusive clothing harmonizes perfectly with the sophisticated ambience of our 5-star hotels of the Giardino Group. This partnership not only reflects our deeply rooted corporate values, but also our high standards of casual luxury and well-being. Many thanks for the inspiring collaboration that has always fuelled our quest to ‹feel better than good›.

Daniela Frutiger

Management Giardino Hotel Group

June - F&B & Housekeeping
June - long and short sleeve top and T-shirt with wraparound apron
Long sleeve top and T-shirt
Ginger & June - F&B & Housekeeping
Ginger & June - short dress & sleeve T-shirt
Ginger & June - long & short sleeve top with Cassis & Twiggy pants
Heidi & Peter - F&B & Housekeeping
Heidi & Peter - short sleeve Dirndl top & Anais pants & sleeve T-shirt and Cassis pants
Heidi long sleeve Dirndl top & T-Shirt Peter
Lychee, June & Apple - F&B & Housekeeping
June top, Lychee shirt & Apple apron
Lychee shirt, June top, Cassis & Anais pants with Apple apron
Hospitality & Merchandising – B2 Hotel Zürich – Bandana for the team and as a give-away & souvenir for guests
The Dolder Grand – Bathrobes for him & her
The Dolder Grand – exclusive lounge wear for guests, available at the hotel’s boutique

Meet us and the Care Collection

Would you like to take a closer look at our Care Collection? Please let us know which area you are interested in so we can arrange a presentation appointment.

Portrait of  Andrea Welti

Andrea Welti

Designer & Owner




+41 44 361 95 59




Sustainibly good

For our Care Collection, we use a breathable, hard-wearing, easy-care and durable Italian microfibre. The high-quality functional fabric is made from regenerated and recyclable polyamide and elastane. It protects against UV rays and fulfils all the requirements of hospitality, health and wellness professionals.

Frequent questions concerning the Care Collection

How to care for the Care Collection?

The fabric is absolutely easy to care for. Unlike conventional fabrics, it can be washed at 40° and dried on a hanger. This saves effort and optimizes costs.

Can the clothes be embroidered or printed with a logo?

No. But we are happy to show you some options for customization that will match your brand identity and present your employees in their best light.

What is the lifespan of our team wear?

Teamwear from feel better than good stays in shape 3-4 times longer than conventional workwear, and it protects the environment and your budget.

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